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Carrying right on…

So this is my first official BLOG on WordPress.com


Having been convinced by a certain raving lunatic (read:awesome) friend of mine that blogging is the way to go-go-go, I am in the process of moving from my good ole dA Journal to this here Blog. Which I can barely use.

So this isn’t really the first time I write my little thoughts and quirks online. Though WordPress does sound a lot mightier than deviantArt. Kinda like a village in the corner of Africa seems a lot tinier than the mighty US of A.

What is this blog going to be about?

I’m not going to answer that question because I do not know yet. Maybe it’s one of those questions I’m supposed to pose the “readers,” like *American accent* hey fans, check it! Answer me back in your comments!

I’m not going to blather on about how this is my first post, let me tell you something riveting.

I have only been back at University (2nd Year) for ten days. It feels like it’s been a month.

And I’m supposed to stay put here till middle of July without going home! Hhayi-bo! Yoh yoh yoh madoda!

This is definitely not riveting for me, but hey who knows, maybe somewhere out there on the interwebz someone’s day has just been made from reading this.

I still don’t really understand how much of this is written for myself and how much I’m writing for others. Does it really matter? (Check it! Answer me in comments!) (I think I’m getting the hang of this)

Anyway, I’m in the middle of a Drama 2 Essay on Oscar Wilde’s Salome. It is really not giving me the kick that it should.

Here in South Africa we’ve just had our National Elections, and the same party that’s been in power since 1994 won again, but this time they’re going to fix everything, eradicate poverty and instil a sense of peace and unity because the entire party is made up of people who are reincarnations of Jesus. Believe it, because it’s true.

If you doubt, I’ll set a lion on you.

Speaking of animals, yesterday I walked out of my digs (student accomodation), and just down the road from me, approximately 600m from our CBD (Central Business District), were 4 or 5 cows, chilling out, checkin out some grass. Mon. Turns out I truly live where the grass is greener!

I also now live off a road filled with fresh cow dung.

Nom nom nom.

Today it’s a public holiday because on this day in 1994, the ANC (African National Congress) won the first democratic elections in this country (about freakin time), which meant that Nelson Mandela came to power (again about freakin time), and that fuckshit of Apartheid was put to an end (altogether now: ABOUT FREAKIN TIME!).  Awesome 😀 Apart from that whole awesome Rainbow Nation awesomeness, it also means I didn’t have a lamezor French translation class today. God bless you, Nelson.

Tomorrow equals back to lectures in Drama 2, French 2, English 2 and Instrumental Music Studies 1,

And deeply wishing I had insomnia so I had more time to laze around I mean work very much harder.

I hear the beating of wings – it is the spirit of Iokanaan coming to take me away to Wilde land. *flaps hands* AESTHETICISM YAAAAY!


Comments on: "Carrying right on…" (6)

  1. You make my day you banana-fruit. WHY HAST THOU NOT TOLDETH ME THOUST ACTUALLY STARTED BLOGGETH?! Oh but look, here I am… You’ll get the hang of it quick-quick. Love ya!

    • hehe cos I wanted to SURPRISE YOU!!!!!!! wOOP!

      Chat soon 😀 DRIVERS TEST TOMORROW! EXPECT A HIGHLY CHARGED POST! (either teary or jubilant) xxx

      • Oooooooh, good luck!!

        • I failed. Rolled back from not having enough clutch control after releasing the hand break just as i was driving outta my block at alley docking.

          I know.

          I cried. Over it now. Going to book again tomorrow.

          Loves 🙂

  2. french translation is kind of hard at first but if you get used to it, then it is easy ~`-

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