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So today I had my first attempt at a driving test.

It is late, and I’m tired, so I’ll keep it succint:

I failed.

My car rolled back = instant fail

Eh,sorry, there is nothing I can do, eh please step out of the vehicle, your test is over.

And in a stunning THREE MINUTES, Marty G manages to spend R270, do a hill start, two correct alley dockings, and then FAILS! By rolling back 5cm.

I cried. My instructor, who is rather manly, drove home probably thinking he should have given me horse tranquilizers. But he really was quite lovely and supporting. Going back tomorrow to book another test.

If there’s anyone out there who’d like to sell me a licence, I’m keen. Due to the freakin cost of all my lessons and other driving accessories, all I can pay you in is hairclips. Maybe hugs if you’re reeeeally nice.

And now for something completely different

Tonight it kind of dawned on me that I really need to shut my mouth sometimes and let people make their own decisions. Why? Because I am not Mother God, Queen of Supreme Wisdom.

I am only Mother of all things Neat and Beautiful, and truly I am the Spirit of Organisation.

But this is irrelevant.

What is relevant, is that I like to think I know what’s best for everybody, and I tend to make rather forceful suggestions, especially to people close to me.

Enough of that shit, yo.

This dawg be shruggin them shoulders.

You want to hike up an ice-covered mountain clad only in a bikini?

Go RIIIIIGHT ahead, I have nothing more to say.

(Well, I do, but it’s better if I keep it inside brackets and under my tongue)

Coming up:

This weekend is a long weekend due to Workers Day on Friday!

My domestic worker insisted on working on Friday anyway. We are giving her half day.

Friday night is the Magic of Pegasus/Prizes for Tigers gig here in Grahamstown! EXCITEMENT LIKE GLITTER EXPLODING OUT OF MY EYEBALLZ WITH A ZZ!!!

Saturday night is a 21st for which I have no present and no outfit. Ideas please! Theme is wear the words of a song. (pretty cool!)

Sunday at 9am is working at a church service. And dealing with the fact that one of my best friends here, and the head of the ‘media ministry’ I am a part of, is officially leaving the church.

It’s 11.13 and I am too highly strung to handle another late night. Beddie bye times for meeee. Tomorrow me and the traffic department have a date. If I was gutsy enough I’d dress up. In a bikini or something.


Comments on: "Driving Test & Responsibilities" (12)

  1. You should try for a driver’s licence in India.
    1) get into the car
    2) turn the ignition key
    3) move 5 inches (take as long as you want)
    4) bribe the officer
    5) complain about how terrible you look in the photo

    • If india wasn’t so expensive to fly to, I honestly would. But in the long run it would be cheaper to just buy my licence here. Or spend another 75 years trying to pass the tests.

    • and thanks for adding me to your blogroll! 🙂

      oh and i tried looking for the FOB video but can only find lives/ covers/ bad karaoke stuff on youtube! meh.

  2. there you go. Oh and it’s completely matter of fact that you found your way into my blog roll 🙂

  3. you could ..erm.. swim across 😀

  4. embedding disabled. that was helpful. just right click on that and watch it on youtube.


    You Tube said, when I clicked on the link:

    This video is not available in your country due to copyright restrictions.


  6. The security company (which I will write poems and odes to one day, and hopefuly gain a husband from)

    • oh, they came, they saw, they conquered. but no follow up. they cant arrest a guy when they didnt see him commit the crime, and i didnt either, my neighbour technically only saw him on the wall, not in the garden. So i dont know if thats even legal trespassing. The law in this country is kind of broken, as in like a door that was bashed into by a rhino and is now hanging by a hinge which has one screw still attaching it to the frame.

      they’re more like a scare tactic. They beat criminals up sometimes, when they know they committed a crime, but can’t prove it or punish them for it.

      It sounds awful but I like seeing them around, I like their bullet-proof vests and their guns, because they makes me feel safe.

      And they are much more effective than the police, who never answer the emergency phone line, who arrive an hour late IF they arrive at all. This security company arrives withing 2 to 10 minutes of you phoning them once. 😛

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