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Are currently on a sabbatical,
During which he (soh) has fled to the hills
And I am left here in this pie of poo
In front of a keyboard
With hardly any ability to say
ha HA ha well I suppose that sucks but it’s
worth laughing about.

Right now, in fact, I’m pretty keen to buy some dynamite and set a bush on fire. Because

e) Then it will look like that Moses-burning bush moment and I will con myself into believing that the Bible didn’t lie

x) It will dissuade me from placing said dynamite stick inside the Traffic department, my bathroom or any other physical location housing stress-increasing objects or people

f) It will distract my brain from repeating over and over, you will never see him again, you will never see him again

b) In my head, when the dynamite bursts, it scrambles up the letters of the alphabet, so there is no longer any predictable order to which letter comes when. Everything is just left up to chance. Fucking chance.


Comments on: "Me and my sense of humour" (2)

  1. Rather not con yourself… you’ll hate yourself in the morning. Chance is a bitch, but look at it this way: Chance isn’t biased by emotions – none of this ‘my people, not my people’ shit, chance doesn’t reply to your sorrows with some petty argument for discipline or perseverance (which you can do anyway, regardless of whether or not you think Chance is going to bite you in the ass again).

    • And chance also doesn’t really allow you to hope for a particular thing to happen. We just gotta go with floww man, keep rollin with the punches man..

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