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Caffeine High

Marty decided that yesterday at around 5pm would be a great time to have a double espresso.

With real Italian coffee powder.

She lay in bed at midnight with her brain running way beyond her physical limits…

Wanting to sleep but feeling ready to write a thesis…

Woke up at 4am ready to run a marathon, but instead dropped off to sleep

And woke up at 8am convinced today she would take over the world.

Peaking around lunch time, she needed another double espresso later in the afternoon to keep her going.






Comments on: "Caffeine High" (4)

  1. You strange child. Now see, if you were a Panado-popping, Vodka-swilling college kid like the rest of them we’d have a whole other set of problems on our hands. As it goes, we do like onomatopoeia.

  2. lol. Exactly why I reserve coffee for long boring conversations

    • so that you can chipper away like a parrot on drugs, while the other person mumbles along incoherently?

      ..Or does that only happen to me? *squawk*

  3. with me ,it keeps me actually interested in what the other person is saying. Which is a miracle in itself.

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