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Cool thing I read

“I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.”

I recently read this. It seemed to me a pretty rad attitude to have. Definitely not one that I have though, to be really honest. I think the funny part is that it comes from the NIV version of Philippians 4: 10 to 13. Because I still haven’t unsubscribed from the IBS Daily Manna from the Net. In the hope that one day I’ll actually read a Scripture I give a shit about. And that makes scientific/ human rights sense. Yeah, God, that kinda cuts out those ones were you supposedly zap people dead/ saltify them for disobeying.

Anyway, I am getting sidetraaaacked…

Even though at the moment Paul is not on my Top 10 list of people to shnuggle at night, his words still made me think.

Imagine if I could say, I have learned the secret of being content when I have answers regarding religion and when I doubt all of them, when I am in a spotless room and when the dirty dishes emanate a honky odour.

Oh, and the last line of Paul’s quote says “I can do everything through him who gives me strength.”


Comments on: "Cool thing I read" (6)

  1. Good to be able to find meaning there, hard to get past the other stuff sometimes, the attitudes and ideas. Most of the Christian blogs have dropped out of my RSS reader over the past few months, but there’s no need to trash them all.

    • Yeah I get you. I was half addicted to Stuff Christians Like. After I got sick of Daily Devotions or whatever you wanna call them..I started reading Jon Acuff’s blog instead.. Now i’m over that as well, cos as funny as he is, and rad and genuine, I’m not even interested in moderate Christianity at the moment. Sighs.

      • That’s funny ’cause I still have SCL in my reader, but have stopped reading it mostly, I keep it there to forward to Christian friends if it looks good, something challenging without being heretical. Well, borderline heretical for some. He had a good one on doubt last week actually, saying it’s not bad like Christians usually say it is.

        • Haha going to check that out when I have some time then. I really like his writing. it’s the bible’s I don’t like 😛

  2. I actually dig that scripture as well (minus the power through he whom wadda wadda) because it’s a great sentiment. I don’t think it’s funny that you found it in the Bible – I think there is some value in it, just not supernatural.
    That being said, just like the scripture on not doubting (mentioned in your later post), this one has an edge to it that smacks of illusion because it creates the idea that such is possible through ‘God’. It’s not just about learning to be content, it’s about a) making constant contentment the objective, and b) saying there’s only one way to get it.
    That concerns me.
    Great sentiments are great sentiments, but they’re not rules or edicts.

    • I reckon if God created me, anything in me, like strength or talent, does come from him, in the sense that he created it in me. but it doesnt mean that i cant get inspiration from other things, or that i cant motivate myself without turning to Him. having said that though, i have tapped into levels of persistance and endurance by praying and asking God for help, levels that i hnestly felt i couldnt reach on my own. as much as i tried. which is why im struggling now, cos i have no idea who/what God is, so asking him for anything is just weird, and full of doubt, so id rather just work thru shit on my own. and im nowhere near as strong as i was last yr. meh.

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