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Another piece of WTF

Daily Manna from the Net had this kernel of love and promise to offer me this evening:

Deuteronomy 28:7-9 says this:

The LORD will grant that the enemies who rise up against you will be defeated before you. They will come at you from one direction but flee from you in seven.

Ah, then why do Christian women get raped? What about the Israelies fighting in the NAME of this God who is supposed to defeat their enemies, BEFORE THEM. That means you can’t really apply the “but God keeps all his promises in his own time” rule, because the Scripture says he will defeat them before, in front of, you. They will flee from you. That suggests they will flee before they can attack you.

The LORD will send a blessing on your barns and on everything you put your hand to.

Everything?? Oh WOW! I’ve touched some kids in wheelchairs before, didn’t bless their legs much did ya? What if “put your hand to” means “work at”? Well in that case, isn’t God supposed to bless the music tests I work so hard for and then FAIL? Gee, Bible, if you’re going to use the word “EVERYTHING” you better fucking mean it.

Though perhaps I am not being blessed because I doubt! AAAAAH!

(See previous post about Jamesey poppet and his words of wisdom)
But in that case the Deuteronomy verse would be incomplete! Insufficient! Or – bullshit??

Now here’s another wee mindfuck (for me at least):

The LORD your God will bless you in the land he is giving you. The LORD will establish you as his holy people, as he promised you on oath, if you keep the commands of the LORD your God and walk in his ways.

So the Lord blesses you for this, that and the other. He WILL, and he will for EVERYTHING.
But you’re still not going to cut it as his holy people, UNLESS you, altogether now,
Now, i suck at maths, so please tell me if i’ve worked this out wrong:
do deeds = Lord establishes you as his holy people

1- do those who don’t win the ‘his holy people’ prize still get blessings for everything they put their hand to etc?
2- or does this whole scripture only apply to ‘his holy people’?
3- what about the obeying commands thing? So you’re only part of hhp (abbreviations due to time constraints) IF you do his deeds?


Comments on: "Another piece of WTF" (2)

  1. I love that you have a ‘bad language’ tag. I can just see people looking up ‘bad language’ posts heheh.
    Seriously, this is another thing I struggled with a lot as a Christian: do deeds, or don’t do deeds? Apparently we are not to be “saved” by our deeds, but then we are required to follow commands to DO STUFF. Like you said.
    There’s this sentimental fluff (it will sound familiar) about not having to do anything to be saved because Christ did everything, all you have to do is accept him into your heart (WTF, illustrated diagrams, please) EXCEPT you have to lay down your life (illustrated diagrams please) and give things over to God (illustrated diagrams please) and allow Him to renew your heart (i.d.p) so that you can become more Christ-like, which requires EFFORT on your behalf.

    • Haha probably some rebellious 12 year olds who want to feel even more rebellious by reading articles with the f word in them. oooh, aaaah.

      I’ve started using ‘penis’ as a swearword lately. Especially in rehearsals. I forget my line or trip and im like OH PENIS!! and the two dudes in my group just look at me like i’ve insulted them, personally, deeply, emotively. I then can myself 😛

      But yes, I dont know what the deal is with deeds. I remember a scripture that says sthn like, you dont have to do deeds, but faith without action/works is dead (and does dead faith get u into heaven? who knows, who the fork knows) , and also if you love the lord your God you will obey his commands. So then. Hmm. Angazi.

      Lady, varsity life, why is she such a beetch? Esh. Esh. ESSHHHH.

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