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Ice age has hit Grahamstown.

Keep all things you want frozen outside.

The iciest of winds have been bullying us around for the past few days, rejoicing in the fact that we’d just started thinking maybe this winter wouldn’t be as cold as last year’s. Well. He he heeeee. GOTCHA AGAIN!!!

I am currently huddled on my chair, with the heater puttering on by my feet, which are covered by long socks and shlippers, and I even have a scarf on. On my neck that is, I only put it around my feet when I’m writing exams, because my toes really do risk falling off.

However, tonight I temporarily fought the cold. I bought me some tinned Denny’s soup, and some low GI bread. Cook the one, toast the other, in 15 mins max you have a delightfully warm dinner, pretty cheap too, and really the lowest of cooking skills are required. It was DIHVIIINE.

Today had showing for Drama 2 (as in second year) Acting Prac(tical) – performed my two monologues, had the class giggling for parts of it, which was good. Still feel like I’m rushing through one of my pieces though. Was quite shocked to see that I’m one of 3 people in my class of 15 or so to have learnt all her words. Everyone else still stumbling, freezing, or even still using scripts. Performance/exam is on 29th May. Some people got seriously chirped by the tutor, who went as far as saying the run on the whole was “”demoniacal” or something to that extent, and that certain performances were “shit”. With that in mind, I’m definitely doing alright compared to rest of class, but still want to improve. At one stage I spoke so fast no one caught the punchlines and that was quite a fail. Oh, will post copies of my monologues (the scripts) once I have performed them.

Physical Theatre duet is looming too, due to be performed on the 26th of May, am slightly terrified. My partner and I recreated the beginning today, it was pretty lame, but now it’s a cool mime thing with two guys in a factory, working on a conveyer belt. But it’s contemporary mime (not Marcel Marceau silent mime) so we used some kiff sounds:

zibbit zibbit is for the conveyor belt

marrowmarrow is for screwing lids on to (you guessed it) marrow jars

pickadipickadi is for screwing toothpaste lids onto the tubes

and then eventually my partner gets bored of the job so starts trying to stop the objects from arriving, I being the massive noisy pile of zibbidy marrow pickadi etc that keep piling up, until eventually she’s pushing back with all her body, and then shouts out ‘stop’, and then we get all existential and break out into a movement routine with words like ‘claustrophobia’ and ‘need air’. And theeeen we become parachutes and we go parachuting and fly away away away and we get hit by a bird in the face and we fly some more, and eventually a voice (me) cries out honey, what the hell are you doing on the roof? All this in three puny minutes, with no props, and a stamina that would make an elephant cry.

Yeah, i’m pretty damn tired right now πŸ˜›

Update on the male situation (can’t think of a funnier term right now, apologies):

He is now airtime-less, so sent me a Please Call Me today when I smsed him to ask if he was alive. Was rather daunting phoning him at first, because we havent chatted over the phone in a week if not more, and I’m not good at hiding emotions through my voice. Surprisingly it went quite well, infact found myself enjoying a good chat with my friend

(okay admittedly I did still wish things hadn’t sharted out like they did, but mostly I was alright), and in the end had to cut him off because my airtime was low too. So toot toot toot and woopee to me.

In other awesome news, my dad just phoned and he’s coming to visit me on Friday!!!! πŸ˜€ He has to go to East London for work, so when he’s done with that on Fri afternoon, he’ll drive down to Gtown and spend Friday night here, leaving Saturday morning πŸ˜€

So stoked to see him!!!

He hasn’t come to Gtown since I first started uni here in Feb 2008.

And last time I saw him was in April but that’s already too long ago πŸ˜€

AND he’s bringing me food from Woolworths.

AND he’ll come watch the show that the Drama Dept puts on this weekend. AMPED!!!!


Comments on: "Little Joys of Winter & theHAtre" (4)

  1. Americans are often thought of as people who consider the rest of the world backward. I was puzzled for a moment hearing about winter, as we’re enjoying warm springtime here. I didn’t quickly think that people in other parts of the world are actually *upside down*…

    • Hahaha!
      Well in that case, BEFORE you ask me whether I go to university on an elephant, let me just say No!!!

      But having said that πŸ˜› Grahamstown is a bit of a farm-like village-like city.

      So yes, we can get lifts on donkey carts (which come into the city from the townships/farms to buy groceries) and I see a couple of cows grazing in the residential areas weekly. On my way home I usually pass areas with cow dung πŸ˜›

  2. moilacazzie said:

    EL is fricking cold here too, running around at work with my jacket on most of the day, though I imagine GTown is 600 times worse. Cool, enjoy this weekend with your dad!

    Haha, love honest teachers… miss drama.
    Mime sounds awesome, any way to film it and post it?

    • Hehe Gtown just has that bitchy wind!!! About mime, I dont think we are getting filmed, and audience usually isn’t allowed to film/photograph, but I think our end of year pieces might get filmed! πŸ™‚ Yesterday with dad was super, will blog about it soon. At the moment have a 4page devoir de semestre sitting like a turd on my conscience. slept in till 11 for first time in ages, now must work, bleh πŸ˜›

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