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Oh mein gott, my dad brought me pesto from Woolworths!!!!!

More about his visit in my next posts, but for now I share with you all the lovely lunch I just had with Em and James:

Boil pasta as you do, with intrepid excitement

Chop up some cherry tomatoes

Add them to the pesto (if it’s Woolworths’, it is pre-cooked, therefore just mix it up in a bowl, no need to heat it up even :D)

Fry up some sugar snap peas (available at Pick n Pay in South Africa for like ten bucks. seriously. awesome. buy eet.)

Add those to the pesto with cherry tomatoes too.

Mix this awesomeness to the pasta! It’s colourful, super tasty, and a great change from the usual tomato-based paste!! YUMM.

Dessert consisted of a Madeira cake (made with real butter!) also from Woolies. Good ol’ mom and dad 😀


Comments on: "Recipy 4: Pew-pew-pew-pesto!" (2)

  1. Sounds good. I thought Woolworths had disappeared in the credit crunch? Glad to hear they are still about somewhere!

    • I think they did shut down a lot of their stores in England, I remember reading about it in December 2008 when I visited London. And they fired tons of their employees. I think in South Africa they’re still going strong. If they threaten to shut down I’ll have to buy the franchise myself somehow. Can’t afford to miss out on their pesto!!

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