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Early Bird Squawks


I woke up today at the ass-crack of dawn, as I once read someone write.

Well, it was 7am, but for a varsity student, that’s one heck of an ass-crack.

At 8am I had precipited myself down the road and had arrived at the music department, ready for my rehearsal.

And that’s when I got the call: “”Um, I overslept…um..I just woke up..now.”



Said person had to provide a lift to the other accompanist, therefore neither were coming.

And my teacher wasn’t even around. At ten past I stormed out, after trying in vain to get hold of her. I really have no patience for latecomers at 8 frigging foofah aforkingm.

I literally stomped back up the hill, and even managed to exclaim “Motherf&*%!” just as some lady was coming out of her garage.

Now I’m back in my room, sipping on kwofee, and am sending out a universal message that I do not take kindly to early morning rehearsals, so for goodness’s sake, do not bail on me!!!! IT’S NOT EVEN 9AM!!!!


Note to self: never become a farmer – waking up before 7am could potentially lead to death.


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  1. I consider you don’t recommend my waking up at 5:30? πŸ˜›

    • consider=suppose. Pachelbel makes me sleepy

    • i dont know if u are from South Africa, but if not, here, we would say SIES! 5.30 is insaaaanely early. it’s not even light yet! Mind you, last night I went to bed at 3 and arose from my chamber of duvets at 8am. I felt like I’d woken up in Hades for the first 20 mins, then eventually my body started responding to commands and I was cool. Still running like a bunny now, though I have had two espressoes and one filter coffee since this morning πŸ˜€
      Why on earth do u wake up at 5.30 though? Do you have children? An army of early-rising pets? Are you writing an encyclopedia? Are you a mineworker? I cannot fathom the mind of the early riser (except if they have an early morning exam, like i do tomrrow, hehe)

      • I hate waking up for exams. And 19 is far too early to have children πŸ˜› I’m from India btw πŸ˜€

        • Waking up ealry for exams bit me in the ass today 😦 I kept passing out during the exam. was uber lame. Thankfully my remaining two papers are afternoon ones, 2 to 5pm.

          Haha u also 19? Cool! Haha why is early morning the only peaceful time? Do you live on your university campus?
          I suddenly feel very ignorant now that i know you are doing a BSc while I’m still baffled by photosynthesis. Haha πŸ˜› But yeah, don’t all people say they are different? πŸ˜› it’s like that tricksy word, “unique”..

  2. There’s something vaguely strange about anonymity. On the one hand people don’t underestimate you, but at the price at not knowing you. Funny. I’m doing my bachelors in science , physics to be precise. And early morning is the only time anyone here is likely to get any peace. Plus I do it for the pure joy of telling people that I’m different πŸ˜€

  3. Oh I don’t claim to be different, just that I’m trying to be πŸ˜€ and the stupid transformer went kaboom and I haven’t had electricity since midnight. How long is that? about 19 hours..

    • eish sorry about the electricity! our electricity counter was making funny noises a few days ago but seems to have quietened down now.. maybe u shud call an electrician?

  4. We called the local engineer from the electricity board. Looking forward to more power cuts today.

  5. Bummer :/ Do you have a desktop computer, which needs electricity to run?

  6. Yes. the irony of it all

    • haha sorry to hear that πŸ˜› Do what south africans did when we kept having power shortages (which they dubbed “load shedding”) : buy a generator! lol

  7. That’s exactly it , load shedding. lol . I have an inverter, that converts a stored potential from a battery into alternating current . So i’m good with one fan and a tube for about 6 hours.

    • My brain just went into Safe Mode: it saw the word “current” and could not process anything else, it is now operating on limited functions only.

  8. lol, well you are incredibly funny. πŸ˜€

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