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So i’m totally loving rehearsals
Although they mostly consist in me sitting, reading out prompt cues and doing the music for three hours..
and thus getting a bit dazed..
I’m also getting so inspired:
It’s breathtaking to watch a performance as a work in progress…
I saw the show last year, and thought, well, it’s pretty much perfect, they’ll have to just re-learn the words and they’ll be ready for this year’s Festival.
Turns out last year was just the starting point.

Oh my frieking bageebus – what?!

It’s also really great to see the ideas that people like Andrew Buckland come up with. Last night I sat there watching him direct the actors, helping them with the improvisation…and I was just like wow. Insert fainting here.

I wish I coudl have said that more poetically but really, I was just in awe.

Also love the insane taking of risks that happens in this piece. A lot of physical risks – walking on stilts, jumping on trampoline (with and without stilts), swinging from wobbly furniture, sliding across floors and on and on and more and more. Makes me feel very silly about my fear of falling.

I’m on a mission to get the posters & flyers done by Saturday. Due to lame ass exams, and not having much of a clue about how the Drama Dept gets advertising done, I’m probably not going to get it done by then :/ But am still trying.

Also a super cool thing – yesterday at rehearsal, Stage Manager Malcolm told me I now feature in the piece (don’t jump too high, only for like 30 seconds of an hour long piece), acting as the enraged Assistant Stage Manager when one of the actors decides to go off stage. Which is hilarious because I kind of am like that anyway. Though so far in this production I haven’t had to shout at any one, actually I seem to be the slack one. But in past productions I’ve been the one finger-wagging lazy disorganised artistes 😛
I’m quite excited 😀

Will also see if I can use the blog to post press releases and pictures. If not, google “Stilted by Richard Antrobus” – it’s awesome!

Now to get Heart of Darkness out of my way… to the liiiiiiiiibraryyyyyyy!!


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  1. Does superhero Marty wear a cape?

    • More like an eskimo jacket.

      But I do own a cape, my mom made it for me one halloween, when I was about 10. It’s got red lining on one side, and black on the other. It’s awesome. And still looks great, considering I’m not much taller now than when I was 10.

  2. I’m glad your show is coming along well! I just started working on my summer show last week and I’m loving it. Is it summer in South Africa right now, too? I always get confused about different hemispheres and seasons haha.

    • Haha no it’s most definitely winter here. The winds are blowing so strong they knocked down a telephone cable just next to my house…pretty scary!

      So what’s your summer show about? What kind of theatre/performance form is it? Is it somethng you do through your school, a government organisation or a private one?

      • My show is the theatrical adaptation of the 80’s movie Footloose (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Footloose_(musical)). It’s a pretty awesome show, the music is very catchy and we have an amazing cast/production team to work with (it’s through a local community theater). What is your show about?

        • Oh yes I know a bit about footloose! my sister’s school did it as a school show some years ago 🙂 that’s really fun!

          Stilted is about acting, performance…it was written by the main actor for his Masters performance, it deals a lot with the issues he encountered during his studies in Drama. He plays a character who is always aware of the audience, while his partner refuses to believe there is anyone watching (he’s stuck behind the 4th wall…that sort of metatheatrical thing :P)…The play follows the encounter of these two characters, how they impact on one another… It also uses a lot of physical theatre, mime, clowning… It’s really funny but there’s a poignancy to a lot of the humour as well..

          It’s also amazing because one of the actors uses stilts, even jumping on the trampoline with them, and in general there is a lot of really great choreography. I love it 🙂

          • That sounds so cool! Although I would be too scared to be hopping on a trampoline in stilts, it sounds like it would be tons of fun to watch.

            • Hehe it is scary, but I think it must become easier with practice… They still trip and fall sometimes though…but then they get up and keep going 🙂

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