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ohhh academiaaaah

is only one letter away from being a Marrow

And the heart of darkness
Lies within us all
Thames, Congo River…

I’m loving this sectionbut I don’t have time to indulge!! 😦 tomorrow I must mus tmust cover two sections else im screwed and the sky will fall on me head! Exam on sat afternoon (what poo). SATURDAY NIGHT = MADNESS. I MAY NOT BE CLOTHED – KEEP ALL CHILDREN AND SMALL ANIMALS INSIDE.

cant wait for sat.. clearly 😛
And it means il finally be more free to focus on Stilted, and Love of the Nightingale. Oh yeah, and study for my drama exam on the 22nd of june. Oh yeah, and practice for my drivers on the 26th of june. am accepting illegal copies of anyone’s drivers licence if I fail again. Willing to pay in cakes and sweets. Even rye bread.

How’s this for hilarious – am reading an academic reading on Heart of Darkness.. in a single paragraph, the reading, which is in ENGLISH, also includes the following words (without any translation):

in absentia
in praesentia
sjuzet (with an inverted ^ on the z)



Comments on: "ohhh academiaaaah" (4)

  1. Relief finally , I hope?

  2. yes! damn awful eng exam is over. have been studying for drama and attending rehearsals for Stilted, as well as one for Love of The Nightingale. everything going quite well, am still quite stressed about drama exam, hence lack of blogging. just under a week from now i will be on holiday OH MEIN GAWT!!!

  3. Lol. Wondering if you were alive, but ur latest posts helps solve my dilemma.

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