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Homosexual parenting

Early in May I went to a 21st birthday party, at which I could count the people I knew on one hand. Most of them were from church, so I had to hold my tongue a bit at comments like

“I heard the band that played on Friday was obscure…way out there…”

Me: “Do you mean open-minded?”

Answer: “being gay is not open-minded”


Way to go, Jesus freak.

About two weeks later, I went to a debate on homosexual parenting which was organised by a gay rights organisation and which was held in a chapel on campus. I don’t think that was done spitefully. And it was interesting seeing about a dozen couples walk into the house of a spiritual family who claims to love them but hates their sexual preferences, but hates them to such a degree that these preferences actually come to stand for their entire identity, so that instead of being homosexual people they are just homosexuals. I think of it as if, instead of seeing a man, all you see is his penis.

What does this have to do with parenting? In short:

A person who is homosexual is not defined totally and exclusively by their sexuality – they are a person first. Thus what matters if they choose to become a parent is whether their entire identity can financially, emotionally and socially support a child. Not whether they are hetero- or homosexual. A gay parent is a bad parent if they are also financially unstable, emotionally immature, or socially inept. A gay parent is not a bad parent because they love a member of the same sex.

Another very interesting point raised at the debate, was that it shouldn’t be true that two gay parents will by default raise a gay child – because two homosexual parents have raised most of the current gay people we know today! Ha!

I’d like to know other people’s thoughts on this.  I certainly do not know much about parenting, or about what effects an increase in homosexual parenting would have on society at large… So share your thoughts please 🙂


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  1. My city (well not that I like it or own it, just that I happen to be here) , is having it’s first Gay rights and pride parade. For a conservative city, that is just plain awesome.

    • oh yay! Are you going to attend it? I’m sure not everyone in your city is of Hindu religion, but those who are, what attitudes do they generally show to homosexual people? Is there a ‘homosexual community’? Ie clubs or events organised mostly by gay people for other gay people, or groups of people that hang out together primarily because they share the same sexual orientation?

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