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Leetle life updates


3 Drama Practical exams

2 Music Practical Exams

1 Music theory/aural exam

2 English written exams

1 French written exam

1 Drama written exam


Whether I got good marks or less, is another whole blog post, which will have to wait another two weeks or so while my work gets marked.

I spent Monday night hanging out with friends (hadn’t done that in too long!), went to one of the local party hot spots, and realised they are still the same old cramped holes with sweaty drunk jocks and plastic looking boobs, I mean young women with substance, and hours of shit music. On the other hand, hanging out at my friend’s house was priceless 😀

I spent today running errands for myself, did a lot of little but important things I needed to get done. I read nothing, I tried to memorise even less, it was superbly grand. And I had a pretty lame driving lesson, and I didn’t really give a shit. Tomorrow is going to be much the same, except I’m running errands for Stilted, which means going to shops to buy make-up for my darling boys who are just going to look fabulous with eyeliner and mascara.

I also need to hunt down some good nail polish for Richard. I love my life 😀

Am considering stealing the entire cast’s used tea bags and selling them to the growing number of groupies who eye me jealously and tell me they want to marry everyone in the cast – including the 50-something married man. Indeed.

I’m going back to my proper home, Durban, in a few weeks, but it still seems veeery far away.

We are having some insane winds here, one of the telephone cables right next to our house came down, and our lights keep flickering. Marvelous.

Oh yes – Bought new English and Drama books today! will start reading them soon, and since I actually have time, will probably blog about them too! I bought 3 today and it cost me R350, leaving me very upset and broke, with 4 more books to buy, plus a pooload of Festival tickets. Eish!


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  1. lol congrats !! double yay

  2. lol congrats !! double yay 😀

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