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Siff (adj.) – a South African English word similar to “disgusting” “gross” “yucky” or even “disappointing”

I came home last night to a kitchen full of half empty cans and liquor bottles, a broken chair, an unlocked back door, a wet couch, a wet table, a dirty floor, keys lying on the floor, and a happily snoring away drunk digsmate.

I meticulously tidied up everything, put the trash in bags, which I threw into his bedroom, and half way through doing this I realised he or his friends had opened up my Nutella chocolate spread jar (a gift to me from my parents) and eaten most of what was left.

At this point I started talking to myself. Then I realised there were kitchen utensils in the garden. I really feared we’d had a break in, but no, we’d just had 6 or 7 very drunk retarded boys around. I went outside shaking in my socks, picked up the kitchen stuff, and ran back inside.

More cleaning, eventually got to bed at 1am. This morning completely ignored him, only saying hi and a few other necessary words.
I’m even more furious because our domestic worker was here yesterday cleaning everything. And literally 6 hours later it got messed up. Embodiment of siff.


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  1. Marty, I can’t believe he did that and just carries on like nothing happened! At the very least he should have shown some shame, if not for trashing the house he shares with other people who have to live there, then for using up YOUR stuff without asking and without a shred of consideration!!!
    And WHY did you clean up after him? He should have woken up in the middle of all his own shit and been forced to do it himself. I know you’re not his mom, but seriously, cleaning up for him!!? Marty, you’re being used. I don’t like it.

  2. AND leaving the door open like that, after everything you guys have been through, really, what retarded ape does that??? If he has no care for his own safety or the safety of his own possessions, then he can sleep outside on the sidewalk. *fume* Sorry for the rant, but this kind of behaviour is actually above and beyond. Does he have a deathwish?

    • Hehe 😛 I agree with ya – but, he did show a lot of shame. He has now bought me an entire new jar of Nutella, and sucked up to everyone by cleaning the kitchen really well, and generally acting subservient. Im sure he’ll be back to his usual negligent self in a few days but oh well. When that day comes i’ll be one day closer to moving out, so thats okay. I started looking for a new place today. Estate agents taking their time in calling me back tho!

      I really don’t know why I cleaned up after him. Richard says im a sucker for punishment…lol. I think I did it because it irked ME that the kitchen was dirty, it was an inconvenience to ME. And I know that if i woke him up to clean, he would just have vomited some more, cried, stumbled around, and caused more drama. Instead, i cleaned, perfectly, and went to bed knowing that the house was clean and secured because it had been done by ME.

      brb closing windows as hobos approach to dig thru trash


      back 😀 i think i am allowing myself to be used, but only becos it benefits me.

      As for the door thing – imagine a five year old. That’s all it is – just imagine a five year old. Can a five year old understand the adult fear of death, of robbery, rape or intrusion? Most of the time, no. Can a five year old hold himself responsible then, to take every single safety precaution he can – as paranoid as some may be – in order to prevent a house being broken into to? Most of the time, no.

      Hence why my kitchen door remains unlocked by most people. Because they think like children. I think like a neurotic paranoid adult. The gate is always locked by everyone, but the door in front of that gate isn’t. Now, adult reasoning goes like this:

      if the metal gate attached to a solid wall could be smashed,
      so can the weaker wooden door and cheaper, weaker, door lock.
      Therefore the door is as important to lock as the gate, because even if both can be smashed through, two locked doors are harder to break than one locked and one unlocked.

      But you need to be capable of adult reasoning to follow the above. See now.

  3. that sucks! if that would have happened to me, i would have popped the hell off! kudos to you for taking the high road.

  4. Haha thanks. I was pretty angry, more than I can say. Lol at the moment it’s difficult to be rude to digsmates though, because we have guests over all the time. And I know i’ll look like the crazy bitch if i go off screaming at anyone. haha. As of tonight I will have three people sleeping in the lounge, added to the 4 already staying in the house. Warrgh bathroom queues.

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