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A gin swirling, cigarette puffing, broke, has-been actress has to contend with her beautiful and domineering Shadow, her over bearing daughter and a past steeped in sex, scandals and drugs while avoiding eviction, possession and the dreaded scale. (Quoted on http://www.computicket.com/web/event/rock_bottom_blues/73315)

Last night I went to see my friend Rosa perform in a superb comedy written and directed by Rhodes’ Drama Honours student, Roshnee Guptar. I am so excited to be working with Roshnee next term, on her adaptation of Wertenbaker’s Love of the Nightingale. Her directing is confident and ambitious, but also allows the cast to bring something of themselves into the performance. After having watched a professional production with a rather exaggerated budget for props and costumes, it was great to see a show which downsized on props, and upsized on character exploration. It’s such a particular experience watching people you know act in a play – you recognise more easily when their own traits mingle with those of the character, and yet are still amazed that they transform into some other person…


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