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High times

So last night I ate two and a half space cakes and ended up making out with a new guy friend of mine.

Okay, now I will backtrack and explain. My friend made muffins… I have been wanting to try some for ages, so I did. They were pretty strong, but I only started feeling it after I’d had two. Then had another half. this was at about 9ish last night. I’m still not quite normal. It was quite a good trip for me..At first I was really chilled out, calm, then felt drunk, hazy, happy but quite sluglike. Then very chirpy and giggly. Not amped for big crowds. Then landed up kinda all over one of my guy friends.. We hooked up and I woke up next to him this morning…Yes I do realise some of my readers have probably just fallen off the chairs, rolled over backwards, done the splits, and looked at the screen with ravaged facial expressions. I did have rather bloodshot eyeballs last night. Also had a shitty physical experience for about an hour, while we were driving in town, my throat was tightening, couldnt hear properly..apparently it’s from the blood rushing to the head. anyway it wasnt too cool, but it didnt last long. I reckon if i’d just had 1 muffin, i would have been chilled enough to focus, write an essay, without getting all silly like i did after 2 and a half. In all this time I have barely touched my nails, and my usual twitchy jitters have only started coming back in the last hour. Such a great break from the usual tension. Am not thinking about the boy situation, methinks the least i think about it the better. make no promises, expect none to be kept in return. i dont know what or who I want. this is all very sudden and close – a boy from rhodes, a boy my age and doing my degree and just very close here. first time. well, i did say long distance was no longer a word in my vocabulary.

i came up with amazing metaphors last night, i was so funny. my inhibitions just left me, i was hilarious, it was great. and today i bought amazing red sunglasses for R30 and i will wear them when I’m out and i will hide my eyes so people don’t see how i’m feeling. I say too much with just my face. I have a crush on someone else and it seems they know. I dont know what to think or do.

Hold on tight. As I said this morning: If I had coffee, I would so become a bulldozer.

And I wanted to say that I love Nessie for being who she is, and I’m ridiculously excited to see her so soon.

And I wanted to say that sometimes you always see the walls, you always see the outside, and then you push a brick and you get a glimpse into someone’s red,red heart. So now I say that I also love Bob, and I sat in my armchair last night very smugly, knowing I have the most kickass friends in the world.

It was a great Sunday. I didn’t go to church. Peace and sunlight stroking your skins.

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  1. Marty, I laughed my ass off when I started reading this post. Then I was just a little concerned because I know you’ve been feeling wobbly. Then I laughed more. Then you made me tear up because I just love you to bits too.
    Gosh, I love you.
    Can’t wait to see you soon lady!! xx

    • bobnessmonster said:

      I’m just glad you’re trying new things, good hustle kiddo. Now live damn it! LIVE!

    • Hehe thanks my friend ๐Ÿ™‚ Things are just going so, so awesomely!! My family is here until the 12th, then we fly home together ๐Ÿ™‚ love you tons ๐Ÿ™‚ when are u free to hang out??

      • Eish you know, ennnyyttyyymmm ๐Ÿ˜‰ Going to see the latest Harry Potter movie on Wed night if you feel so inclined. Otherwise I am free any other evening during the week… xx

  2. I loved the last line.

  3. Regina Spektor , suggest some of her songs. I’m familiar with only “the call” , which I love btw.

    • Love affair
      Back of a truck
      Ode to Divorce
      Chemo Limo
      On the Radio
      Aprรจs Moi
      That Time
      Summer In the City

      And pretty much anything else that demigoddess writes. Damn she is great ๐Ÿ˜€

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