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A question

I want to ask- what did it feel like when you started taking your favourite Scriptures off the walls?

I’m aching

Turning my head to one side

And burning.

Some Scriptures come off easily

Others, those I wrote on my heart as well as on my cupboards, they stick. I can’t do it.

What if some of these lines are right?

What if only some parts of the Bible are wrong?

Show me light, God. Show me your honest truth. If you’re a bastard I need to know. If I am evil let me know. If these papers bound by cardboard stuck to leather mean anything more than men’s historical wishes and woes, I need you to tell me.


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  1. Maybe, try looking at God not as a person, or a separate consciousness , but rather subjectively.

    • Im not sure I understand what u mean by “subjectively”… to me God is both a separate entity and something/someone that exists in our hearts and consciences..

  2. No offence meant in any way, but I’ve noticed the dependence on the book Christians have. Try to listen to yourself, it’s your journey, your autobahn of spirituality. I don’t think it’s as simple as the bible being either right or wrong. There’s a lot in it that is factual, factious, meaningful and strange.

    • No offence taken 🙂 It is true that Christians are dependent on it, because they believe it to be the only official and trustworthy written word of God.

      Problem with just listening to myself is that I know Im not reliable. I can do things on a whim, I can perceive things wrongly… I reckon listening to an all-seeing God should give me better direction.

      As for the Bible not being either right or wrong, unfortunately thats how Christians often make it out to be. It’s either all right, or it’s all wrong. And I actually don’t know where i stand on this – if the Bible claims (in a stunning example of circular logic) to be the Word of God (“all scripture is God-breathed”) then we cannot pick and choose the parts we believe to be holy. All of it must be God-breathed. But if we then doubt one part of it, what makes that one part less reliable or acceptable than others? If one part can be doubted, all of them can. I think.

      • It’s not written by God. Reason will tell you that. The Christian God has evolved, I’m sure you can see that.

        Anyway, when it comes to God , it’s you’re relationship with him. I doubt if anyone should tell you what your relationship oughta be like.

        • Yeah reason tells me that, but faith cannot be built on reasn alone. What do ya mean by “the Christian God has evolved”?

          Agreed that no one should tell you what that relationship should be like – except, if it’s God himself who is telling you. And if the Bible is God’s word..then the Bible has authority to tell me how I should act in that relationship. On the other hand, if it’s written by a bunch of flawed and not omniscient men who might also have bad memories and little scientific knowledge, then of course they can’t really have much authority.

          • You have a splendid circular piece of logic there. 😛

            • waargh my brain is not computing. Explain yourself please

              • 1) You can’t believe the parts of the book because they’re outrageous.
                2) Telling yourself that a bunch of wise people with a flare for fiction wrote it, helps explain why parts of it are outrageous.
                2) NO one can tell you how your relationship with God outghta be.
                3) But the book might be God’s word, hence defines your relationship with him.
                4) You can’t deny his word.
                5) And yet, refer 1)
                6) Rinse and repeat.

                • Actually you have mentioned the circular logic bit yourself. You seem to be trapped in a greater intellectual version of it.

                  • Yes, I do feel trapped in it, because of that tricky word “might.” The Bible might be right, or it might not. Lately i’ve been tending more and more to the “might not” side. And believe me it’s a hard enough adjustment to make.

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