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don wannu go behk

ai don wannu wehk up erly

ai don wannu deal with bills

ai don wannu leev with uh stranger becos my utha hows mate moved owt

ai don wannu fight about pepulz leaving their shit on deh walls of de toilet bowl

ai don wannu wok up det hill in de dark

ai don wannu study english lichecha

ai don wannu speak french

ai don wannu worry about having to pleed insanity

ai don wannu set house alarm to prevent dangeruss poor pepul from stealing my laptop and vehginity

ai don wannu write 1500 werd essay, double spacing in Times Nu Romin

ai don wannu

tho ai em lucky to be a schoodint with a hows en a univesty and maani.

ai reli dont give shit abowt grammar and postcolonial lichecha rite nau.
Not to mention housemates who shood be sent to military boot kemps to be deeseeplined.
De-spleened, more like.

Waaauuuurrrrgh one week left of holiday in Dehben.


Comments on: "don wannu go behk" (2)

  1. ai don wan u to go behk. WAAAUUUUURRRRGGH


    • hoooga booga 😦 this one be the shorty term tho, at least.. 6 weeks.. i return on September 4th (for a measly ten days).. harrumph!!! xx

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