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Life in Gtown, third term, is slowly settling down. I think by Wednesday it should be calm enugh to write adecent post. for now let me say this

He came over sundya night with a fever

I let him in anyway, i missed him more than I can write

Now I’m sick with flu too, probably going to be bedridden by the weekend

It’s worth it, I’m really…really falling for this boy.

Still feeling so upset about what happened with my ex but I know I can’t entertain some imaginary relationship with him.

I’ve been given a Tshirt of a band I dig, grabbed at a live gig of theirs, and a lily snatched from a river bank. Quite the adventurer, this boy. This boy who has magically appeared into my life, and has no intention of leaving.Β  Nor do I πŸ˜›

I cooked him supper on Sunday, and he helped me with my shopping on Monday. We work pretty well together, actually. Now he starts rehearsing viola 5 hours a day, I start my nightly rehearsals at the theatre. And when we can we’ll steal minutes to spend together, and smile, laugh, and have wondrous conversations about Coleridge and religion and levels of personal hygiene in my household.

I am so terrified. This girl bumped into us at the shops earlier this evening, shes a classmate of his, one of those perfect blond bimbos who wears make up to the supermarket (i had bed hair, takkies and I last washed my face at lunch time). She pounces on him, hugs the daylights out of him, and makes this whiny little conversation with him in the most annoying tone women can make. I quietly vomited in the background. I was at least introduced to the lady, who procedeed to OH EM GEE MARTY!!! AWWWW HUG!! It was all very cute but I was wearing a motorbike helmet (just to make myself look more like a hippy) and so didn’t wanna hug hard in case I headbutted her. By mistake. What an awkward moment. I felt so jealous. Not sure why, cos he gives me plenty of attention. But still. I think it’s been a while since i lived this kind of life.

I counted the other day,and my last 3 relationships have been long distance. My last short distance one was when i was in grade 11, 16, 3 years ago. It only lasted 3 weeks. My only long-term relationship ended when I was 15. Scared much? πŸ˜›

I could carry on but it gets progressively mushier..i smell like him, i trust him more and more, he lights up when he sees me… fuzziness πŸ™‚

oh and good news. We are only doing V.Woolf at the end of the term. Thank the trumpeting heavens above! tomorrow we start with Eliot. SOO excited. in Drama we are doing Intertextuality and Greek Chorus work. Pretty exciting.

Oh yeah, and im sick. Been trying to ignore it but to no avail.

I have officially caught boy germs. Damn. This feelings thing. So dangerous πŸ˜›


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  1. I am so happy, deliriously pleased for you πŸ˜€ Eh… except probably about the boy germs. Though I believe you will get better πŸ˜›

    He sounds wonderful.
    Love you! xx

    • Thanks Nessie pantsss!!! Today I feel awful, my flu has turned into a light fever and im wheezing like an old man. But cuteness personified came over to nurse me a bit, was very sweet. I drove myself thru three hours of rehearsal, turned into a zombie by the end of it. Tomorrow more intensity, we have our first showing to one of the senior lecturers. eeep!
      Keen to chat with you tomz night!!! πŸ™‚ xoxox

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