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This Thursday

Was not a Turdsday!

Considering my Thursdays usually consist of rushing through 7 lectures, and coming home to finalise an English essay due friday at 9am, today has been marvellous. Flu means no singing classes, so -2 lessons today! Slept for about 10 hours, and despite the quirky dreams I actually have tons of energy!

You can tell that because it’s 11.30 and I’m still hoppity hop hop BOUNCIN away!!!

I had 1.5 hours between the end of lectures and the start of rehearsal, which was short but nice. rehearsal was tons of fun, and our showing was so successful that our director let us off super early 😀 So I took my boy home with me (because he was giving me a lift home) and spent some time with him, which was lovely 🙂

I have managed to see him every day since Sunday. This honestly feels miraculous, coming from all my long distance sob dramas. WOW. The meeting of friends looms ahead of me, but I think if i approach it negatively, it will suck fo sho.I must think positively. Been pretty insecure today..It’s dumb, so so so dumb, but it’s amazing what my mind can convince itself of. Bleh. Happy thoughts.

I didn’t have a headache today! just a crappy cough (read: sexier French accent and gravelly voice like an emphysema sufferer..oh yeah)

One of the awesomest parts of today: I was walking around my room looking like a hiphop gangster: boxers, long baggy pyjama pants, socks and slippers, a big thick hoodie, and scruffy dirty hair, no make up, and a cough loud enough to frighten a T-Rex. Still scored some compliments from le boy. This. Is. Unbelievable.

ooooh and I got 68% for my Physical Theatre duet prac, last term! Was pretty relieved considering all the stress it caused me and how difficult it was. Next term I swear I’m working with someone who can actually move. Warrgh. I feel like I could have done so much more. Maybe i’m wrong, and I only stunted myself. But I feel like the partner work stunted me tons. Anyway, super relieved.

I think by Saturday life will have gone back into its usual routine. I have some more schlepping to do tomorrow and then I’m on track. OOH and my parents brought me a printer and I made it work!!!! Very proud 😀

Okay. Now I shleep like good behbeh. It’s been like 3 weeks since all the crazy Festival muffin madness happened, resulting in me being with boy (not with child har har i mek joke) . WOAH. Imagine a short kid wandering about, warbling, with eyeballs expanding out of her face. Yeah, iz me.


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