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A proper post

I’m not too sure where to start but I will, anyway.

I’m not going to blog about my ex anymore than I have, because it’s just going to be too emotional and meh. In short, we met up, I told him I am with someone else, he told me he still has feelings for me, he looked absolutely torn, hacked to pieces and set on fire when I admitted there was someone else, and I, though I know I’m not in the wrong, though I know I can’t be with my ex because of the distance, though I know all this, I still felt like shit. I hope he’s gonna be okay. Sigh.

Then, on to happier news. I met the boyman’s friends on friday night, at an impromptu get together. So much for the hours of calm meditation I planned to have before hand. I went straight from rehearsal to this café, where he was suddenly like, oh yes and that room-full of people are my friends, come say hi. I was like irguffhukebrfeygff. HIIIIIII IMMM MMMARTY.

Overall it was pretty cool actually, and I knew 3 of them already. Still daunting – meeting like 7 new people in one go, and knowing they are pretty much family to your boyfriend I.E. YOU KINDA NEED TO LIKE THEM TOO is pretty daunting. All was fine until I was offered to see a picture of my boy naked (they do the whole nudist thing. I know. I refuse to partake.). I refused to see it, which was a bit awkward. And then one of the girls got into some really vivid descriptions of her sex life, at which point the bile started rising up to my nostrils. Also listened to a couple of jokes about virgins (you know, those weird freaks), which just made me turn even paler and pray boyman hadn’t told them I am still a virgin. Oh, the shame. Finally managed to get out of there. Then had to go home with the boyman and answers TRUTHFULLY all his questions about what I liked and what I didn’t and what did I think and feel and blah blah blah. I wanted to lie but couldn’t so told him about the awkward moments. It came out as a rather critical rant I’m afraid. Not a good moment. But, I am not silly enough to let one first meeting have the final say on these kids, and after all most of the night was pretty fun.

So we met up again with all of them yesterday afternoon, to have muffins. Twas an interesting afternoon. Was a lot easier to hang out a second time with them, especially considering that we were sharing such delicious choc-chip muffins with extra flavouring together. Apparently to be initiated into the group you have to play foozball with one of the guys, and if you lose 10-0 then you have to strip. At this point I was like OH HELLZ NO! So they let me play without that rule. I lost 5-10 anyway, of which I was quite proud. The whole get-Marty-naked campaign hasn’t quite died down yet, but I’m hoping they will soon realise that my white ass is MY white ass and there ain’t nobody who gonna see it except ME.

Boyman is absolutely impervious to nudity. Evidently we are always going to differ on this topic.

Yesterday afternoon was all fine and mellow until around 6, when I started getting ready to go to rehearsal, and my trip took a turn for the worst. I was pretty much walking, talking and reacting as if I was very,very drunk. Not a life experience to be had again, I hope. By the time I got to rehearsal I was slurring and walking like I wasn’t quite sure where the floor was… I told the cast my wee predicament and they were all very supportive. Apparently I was quite the hoot. Today’s rehearsal was even more hilarious because I actually forgot most of what happened during yesterday’s one, so I had to keep asking what the heck I was meant to do. Rather shameful 😛

Last night I somehow managed to get on a shuttle back home, crawl into bed, and call my boyman, who by this point was also having a bad trip, and was at a university function. He got out of it asap and came home to look after me, though he was pretty much konked too. I was prattling utter crap and sneezing my face off. I thought I’d fallen asleep after about half an hour of chattering and singing along to music, but according to him, I kept going for TWO AND A HALF HOURS – he checked the time on his watch. LOL. And apparently he wasn’t even replying, i was just talking to the universe in general. My word. This morning I took forever to come down.  Seriously – never again that much. Last night was pretty damn weird. And just because it now makes for a hilarious story, it still wasn’t worth it.

Oh, and I still had pretty weird dreams last night. BUT I didn’t bite my nails at all. In FACT!!! I currently have 7 long nails. This is serious progress 😀

Next week =

more rehearsals

more boring french crap classes

an english essay for friday

an awesome gig on friday night

one month on wed 5 august (!)

finish left over muffins


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