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im pretty sore right now

i had little to eat last night, and a nice jagermeister to start off the night of heartache

i was broke, so i had to call it a night after a light bacardi breezer. so much for drinking away my woes. I dont even have money to go buy sleeping pills.

thank God for the bands though. I danced my guts out. my feet hurt, my shoulder is even more wrecked. i then had to help clean up etc since we organised the show. by that stage i was hardly capable of moving. Funny how my mind informs my body. Mind is sad therefore body no work. I got to bed at 3. I was awake by ten. I crawled out of bed at around 12. Pulled open the curtains, did not see his scooter parked outside. Started crying. Ive been out of bed for three hours, I’m ready to be buried.

I have sent him about 3 messages. No replies, none whatsoever. Went to one of my digsmates, whose heart was also recently broken, and burst into tears on her bed. Haven’t spoken to my mom yet.

Worst moment of last night was two giggly girly friends of mine came up to me at the end of the night and said HEEEEEY YOU DIDN’T TELL US YOU WERE WITH NICK!!!!!! AWWWWWWWWWW!!!! HE’S SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND HE’S GREAT AND YOU’RE GREAT SO THAT’S JUST AAAAWESOME!!!!!!!!!

I felt a landslide in my heart. I am so sore. I am writing such drivel. But I can’t keep this in. I can’t really work, or think about anything else. I am so sore.


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