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I’m getting sleeping pills tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

My garden light ain’t working no more. Ain’t no way i’m walking out there in the oblivion of darkness to try climb it. Also because I’m 1.55m and the light is at about 2.5m


I really hope my kids don’t get like this, one day. When I visit a sperm bank to impregnate myself cos there aren’t any decent MEN to do that for me.

I really really really would love to rant. Instead im going to try to read some shit french poetry, and some William Faulkner.

I had acupuncture today!!! My shoulder isn’t any better! And when I poke one part of it, I get shivers down my back and my teeth chatter. Im sure thats normal.

Today was one of those days. If I had a can of spray paint I would paint this town red. IN FUCKING HUGE LETTERS THAT SAY F! M! L!!

My blog should have an angst sensor. Only logs you in if you are capable of feeling at least 10% good feelings. Automatically sends all rants to the Drafts folder to be revised.

Ha-ha-ha. Sleeping pills, y’all! It’s a-happening!

*Eats pillow*

Comments on: "you say violent like it’s a bad thing.." (5)

  1. hrmm…
    “Aren’t really any decent guys”?

    Oh really?! *winks*

    Sleeping pills are cool [sometimes] but not when you get addicted

  2. How’d you do? 😛

    • Haha hey Allen!!

      Well, I really don’t seem to find any decent guys in my vicinity, let’s put it like that. And agreed on sleeping pills! They work, but I’m not going to make a regular habit out of them.

      I’ve had a busy weekend, will probably post again tomorrow..things are looking up slightly! Though the ex is still being a moron and ignoring me lolz. Hope you’re well!

  3. I’ve always wanted to try acupuncture but I’m too scared to have a bunch of needs poked into me. It always looks so painless and relaxing on TV but I know that I’d be sitting there cussing (and probably crying/screaming) if they did it to me haha.

    • haha! i thought the same hey! it actually is painless, after the first two seconds, which feel like someone’s clenching the spot where the needle is entering. i dont like seeing needles so i just closed my eyes hehe. i was shivering the first time, only from fear, but it really isn’t sore.

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