| Make This Motion Count |

It escalates.

I saw him today

I saw him walking up the steps

Today the steps saw him walking up


Stood talking to my friend

Sensing the air for him

Sensing he would walk up

He walked up

I turned and locked

My jaw

We locked eyes

His jaw dropped

We locked eyes

My heart stopped

My jaw locked

His jaw dropped

L-l-l-ike the jerkiest camera my head-d-d swivelswivelled back to my friend-d-d


I said nothing

He said nothing

He walked up the steps today

An ever-increasing pounding swelling beating louder in my ears

Suddenly tumbled out of my chest

And fell down the steps, snagging in the cracked bricks, sticking to the dust and leaves,

An overly dramatic leap in the soggy hot air, one last bloody thud-thud,

Then lay there, oozing regret and stubborn affection.


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