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just words on a page

coming home and writing is becoming routine

cathartic routine

So i’ll stick to it

Apologies to anyone expecting anything structured or meaningful

these are just words on a page

as irrelevant and meaningless as a message you do not reply to

as a farewell that goes unheard

as a tear that trickles down a soft cheek so silently

you wonder if it really trickled down at all.

Life today was beautiful and empowering and deadening and frustrating

I am tired. The sleeping pill I took last night didn’t kick in until i’d fallen asleep naturally. So i felt it this morning, I woke up extremely groggy and drowsy, yet i went to bed wide awake – mind racing, eyes blinking. Tomorrow is another day, a Thursday, Im on campus from 10.30 to 5, then again from 8pm to 10pm. Excited, and tired. Still completely resistant to the breakup. Harrumph.


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