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The universe lol’s when

You start hanging out with a guy to forget about your ex, who has recently caused you much woe and heartache, and this guy lies down in your bed only to offload on you a monologue of his own woe and heartache, about his beloved ex-girlfriend, whom he misses terribly – a monologue which ends with the memorable words,

“It’s such a weird feeling when you don’t want to be with anybody”


Comments on: "The universe lol’s when" (4)

  1. Sorry. I did totally laugh at this.

    • Don’t worry, I have started laughing too. Cuteness was when he came over late last night when I smsed him saying I was dying of fever. And then I dreamt baout my ex’s eyes watching over me. Time to write a movie about my life much? 😛

  2. An Imperfect Servant said:

    I’ve been through the not wanting to be with anyone feeling and I know what you mean by weird, and then I moved beyond that and it just felt like another stepping stone to getting centered and balanced.

    I guess I’ve always felt that one must define one’s self, alone, before one can define one’s self with another.

    • That’s true yeah. It’s really difficult to be with someone, and carry their burdens and be honest with them, when your own life is in shambles.

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