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Oh ha ha hawwww dear, did I really say THAT? I meant to say THIS.

It seems dear blondie does want to be with me after all but


“As much as I want to make out with you right now, I know I’d feel bad the next day”

Cue thunder, lightning, violins.


They land up making out anyway, after 3 hours of super conversation.

I quite like this kid – smart, witty, flirty. I suppose all I’d want now is for us both to be over our ex’s, so we could have some kind of relationship without always taking two steps back because one or both of us miss the past. But then things would probably be too nice, and life lessons have recently shown that overwhelming happiness in Martinaland can cause violent repercussions, earthquakes, and overpopulated bathtubs. We therefore recommend turning down your happiness knob, so as not to cause tectonic shifts. This is Mmmarty, Universe News, good night.


Comments on: "Zippidedoodaaaaah" (2)

  1. It’s probably too soon for both of you anyway. On another note, I am tickled by you calling him blondie. There is something satisfying about that. Love you muchies xx

    • Oh, it’s totally too soon 😛 We are taking it painstakingly slow though. Really. A lot of the times we just hang out as friends, and the more-than-friends movie moments only come in bursts and fits.

      Haha I don’t think I should call him blondie to his face 😛 Although, on Wednesday he suddenly tickled my foot and I emitted a really weird KWA!! sound in response, which he claims was a quack, and so I have now been renamed.

      Much love,

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