| Make This Motion Count |

Step-by-Step instructions for this fun-filled game! Tell all your friends! Not recommended for children under the age of 16 (only because it’s against the law…)

Step 1

Flirt shamelessly and publicly with the Marty. Get pretty tipsy, and then spend several minutes discussing the all-important question, “my place or yours?”

Step 2

Have ye a damn merry night, discussing also the rather difficult situation of having two ex’s who are still very much present in both your lives.

Step 3

Leave in the morning, politely and sweetly as all good gentlemen do.

Step 4

Ignore her first sms

Step 5

Ignore her second sms

Step 6

Ignore her for the rest of the afternoon and night

Step 7

Do not contact her the next day either. Do not think she is overthinking what you might be thinking.

Step 8

Ignore her third message

Step 9

Appear on Gtalk as amicably and innocently as can be, and then get offended when you are told you have the communication skills of a dead rat

Step 10


Step 11

Repeat Step 10 to taste.

Step 12

Bugger off so Marty can phone her friends and gossip about the backward ways of young men

Step 13

While Marty is midway through the sentence, “Guys! They’re all the -” , appear at her window with your silly blond hair frilling about in the night air like you’ve just descended with a parachute.

Step 14

While she stands there giggling and squealing into her cellphone to her bewildered friend, smile at her through the gate

Step 15

Kiss her through the bars of the gate because you suspect she won’t even let you in.

Step 16

Offer her an entire chocolate slab.

Step 17

Walk in and say sorry like you mean it.

Step 18

Give up some of your time to chat to her and hang out with her.

Step 19

Step back out into the windy night and walk away with your blond locks flowing like a cape behind you, knowing you’ve totally redeemed yourself, and she is totally aawing and cooing to herself like a girly little moron.

Step 20

Repeat from Step 1. You are a guy after all.


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