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brain wave!

Em and I have discovered the elixir of happiness

We will get married to two cats, mine will be Edward, hers, Rodney.

Together we shall have faux-tea-parties, during which the boys will indulge in catnip, while we consume copious amounts of opium.


Or don’t. HAW HAW HAW.

My sense of humour, she hath returned. With machete in hand, and bra on fire. Ra ra ra death to men! I mean boys! Same thing, as that creep Wordsworth said, “The child is father to the man” ie THEY ARE BORN MORONS, THEY GROW TO BE MORONS, THEY MAKE THE WORLD MORONIC, AND I AM SO MUCH MORE SUPERIORERER ER ER THAN THEM ALL. Huzzah. Sweet dreams. Bitchez.


Comments on: "brain wave!" (4)

  1. Fascinating. Something prevents me from taking the post literally , probably my gender.

    • Probably, yes.
      It’s always great to re-read my rants the next day.
      Still, I remained convinced on this one – you guys are the weakest gender, goodbye!

      If only God was that lady who runs the gameshow The Weakest Link…


  2. An Imperfect Servant said:

    Just because you’ve run into a couple bad eggs does not mean the whole flock is defective. I could make the same arguement you are making here on the same kind of expriences and would be just as wrong.

    All of humanity has the equal ability to be complete and utter jerks/hypocrits/liers whatever your derogetory term of preference may be. I can be a sometimes just as much as my friends.

    No one is perfect, no gender is perfect, no race is perfect, no religion is perfect. We all have pros and cons and the beauty is in our difference when we can learn to love and respect each other.

    Martina, you are beautiful and deserve to be seen so. Life is beautiful and we deserve to enjoy it for all that it is worth, each and every moment of the day. Even the pain brings a brighter and greater appreciation for the joy. Love and love alike.

    • I really appreciate your comment, and I do agree with you.
      I think a lot of times i’m just being bitchy and sarcastic. I don’t really, truly, seriously think all men are dumbasses. And I don’t believe in perfection so that’s not what I’m looking for either. I think when you start seeing patterns in humanity though – like you hear the same excuses over and over from different people, and the same immature reactions, again and again, you start to lose faith in individuality and change. One guy becomes a lot like the previous and the next. And the bad seems always to outweigh the good. Sure I want to keep loving and hoping and trusting, but every time I do, it fails.
      I’m pretty bitter and self-defensive, plus a hopeless romantic. Bad life choice I guess 😛

      I know they all aren’t identical. I’m sure people are different and unique. But my experiences at the moment paint a rather bleak picture.

      Eh..I must get back to my French essay 🙂

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