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Hey y’all


I’m writing from the lounge of a bed and breakfast in the centre of town.

I’ve moved out of my digs since yesterday afternoon.


Somewhere between 12 and 2 am on Saturday morning, a bunch of guys broke into our digs and stole from us, while I was sleeping in my locked room. They didn’t wake me and they didn’t steal anything of mine, so I saw and heard nothing. Police has found no clues, no fingerprints, and will probably forget about the case in a few days.


My mom has forbidden me to live there any longer, and I have spent the weekend having panic attacks, crying fits, screaming fits, singing fits, and loss of hunger (this is Marty speaking. Have you ever known me to refuse food? Precisely :P)


Spent Saturday with some very loving friends, who really really helped me calm down. Slept at the bnb last night, was so peaceful and great.  Am doing muuuch better now, although studying is going terribly badly. I have an exam tomorrow, I couldn’t postpone it, and I have a second one on Tuesday.


But I’m not too scared. I’ve been given a lot of perspective, and suddenly writing a second year exam seems rather weeny and unimportant.


I’m now going through that mood of wanting to tell all my friends how much I love them 😛




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