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Last week!!

It seems the last days are always the wackiest.


I have a car

I’m almost done with my exams

My friends are relocating, immigrating, graduating.

Sending them off with my love and little else,

Because how do you fit three years into a suitcase?

Or into a sentence, for that matter.

A brief smile, a squeeze on the shoulder, is all I’m capable of.

Before I watch you disappear over the horizon

And hope the clouds keep you safe as you soar across them.


There’s hysteria everywhere

Or maybe only in my mind

The walls close in on me

And I sleep because I am tired

But only of my mind, my thoughts, exhausting.

When I lie down I crave rest but my mind pushes on, lonely, cornered, confused.

Every morning I wake up and it’s me again, “les memes limits, les memes pensées” (Schmitt, 1989).


Fuckin academia.


Comments on: "Last week!!" (2)

  1. An Imperfect Servant said:

    If this is a poem it feels impromtu and it rocks, if you didn’t mean it to be a poem, It still kicks but as one. Love it.

    • Wow thanks 😛 I think i’ve stopped writing with the aim of creating either poem or prose… hehe I seem to just write, and whatever structure works best is the one I use..Looking back this one feels like a mix of poetic language, but it’s still got that proseaic narrative feel…

      Wow. I’m such an English nerd sometimes. In fact I am now off once again to study postcolonial fiction. Oh Frantz Fanon and his friggin masks… o.O

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