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Secret Medications

This is how I do things from now.

Two friends of mine have given me various homeopathic remedies for anxiety, which they no longer need.I haven’t gone to doctors, and I’m currently tired of asking my parents for anything more complicated than a lift to the library. Moving back home seems to have rejuvenated me a decade… Suddenly I’m as reliable and independent as a ten year old.

I’m currently trying out some Nervoheel, a homeopathic preparation for nervous tension and general exhaustion, by a company called Heel.

I’ve had about 5 tablets over two days, they seem to be pacifying me without turning me into a boiled cabbage.

Sleeping is still very irritating though – I’m having what a friend of mine calls “lucid dreaming”, which basically feels both like I’m dreaming and I’m awake at the same time. It’s frustrating because I’m too tired to wake out of it, and too awake to fall into deep sleep from it. So when the alarm finally jerks me into total consciousness, I’m tired and grumpy.

Reading is tricky, I have to force myself to focus, and after a bit I can get into it and read properly. I’m constantly busy, listening to music, reading something on the web, watching something, or cleaning, cooking, fixing and changing my bedroom.

I’m going to finish the amount I have, then be clean for a few days, then try the next batch. It is all homeopathic, so I’m not expecting dodgy side effects or withdrawal symptoms. I do feel like I should write about it, because it’s important to me and hey, maybe someone out there surfing the interwebz will find this useful.

Let’s hope this works.

Today I count five long nails. Still restless as a lobster in a pot though.

A lot is changing in my life. I will blog about it when I can articulate it better. At the moment I am breathing, kicking and running. And peeling a lot of stuff off my walls 😛


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