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Travelblog starts now!

I’m about to fly to Cape Town, and then I’m off to my yearly family extravaganza in Italy!

I’m very keen to post photos and little reviews of the places I visit. Hoping this trip (probably my 15th) to Italy will be a bit more touristey, because we tend to get stuck inside people’s houses, talking about the joys of domestic workers and swimming pools, and eating endless amounts of pasta, mascarpone, and tiramisú.

I’m doing this trip with friends in mind who do not have the opportunity to go overseas, and what I would want to show them if they were with me!

It’s also going to be a time for me to get to terms even more with who I am, and how I can deal with my anxiety. Travelling both excites and wrecks me. I’m a creature of habit, so having to pack up my life two weeks ago, and again now, changing continents, climates and human environment, is tiring. It also excites me, and it is refreshing to sort through your belongings again and again and realise you actually carry so much crap with you that can easily be discarded. I love exploring new places, and for that I’m amped.

I embark this plane with a bit of a bruised heart, leaving my summer fling behind here in Dehben, but I know it’s for the best, I know I could never survive another long distance relationship. I leave behind some really great friends of whom I have NOT seen enough! But I am also hurtling myself through clouds and sky to a friend of mine in Cape Town who’s taking me out on Sunday, and after that I’m flying even closer to a friend I haven’t seen in a year, who has known me since we were three years old, sitting on old Italian church steps, holding dolls.

More and more and more I’m seeing that life cannot be constantly filled with happiness only. There comes pain and joy with every step.

At night, the nervoheel tablets dissolve under my tongue while I dream of endless Scriptures still waiting to be peeled off my walls…


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