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22 December 2009

Location: Frankfucked

Weather: Snowfucked

Mood: Pretty good actually, it’s amazing what a good sleep (9pm – 5.30am) can do to me

What’s cracking: Skullz, brah – we got to the airport today at 7am only to be told that all flights to our Italian destination are cancelled, and various other flights to other parts of Italy are cancelled. Our options are either to take trains from HERE – that’s GERMANY – to Italy, or to fly elsewhere. Or, you know, just hang out in the airport until God takes pity and fixes the weather. I would love some clean panties.

I find it interesting that my grandfather walked from Germany to Italy during World War Two, having escaped imprisonment. I’m not sure what season he did this in, but nevertheless…He walked. And I’m pretty sure he didn’t have the money for clean undergarments. Respek 🙂

My parents seem pretty adamant not to come back to Europe in winter next year, at which I am SUPER glad. It means I’ll probably sacrifice most of my future winter holidays in South Africa, but it’s worth it because it means I’ll have two summers, and when I do go on holiday in December, I will be in Dehben for MONTHS! Can you handle that people! I’ll actually be able to have sleepovers – for a whole weekend if I wanna!

Listening to: Cold War Kids (The Robbers & Cowards album) – pretty HAWT! It reminds me of The Blood Brothers and, lol, The Beastie Boys 😛 Touch of Franz Ferdinand in there too, I reckon. I likey. Kudos to the kid who let me raid his external hard drive.

I’ve been sitting at the pooport jamming to this music and sifting through my cellphone inbox, deleting old messages. It’s been sweet cos I’ve been rereading old messages of encouragement and lulz from all my friends at home, and it was super heartwarming. I’ve really made good friends this year in Gtown, and I’ve solidified some old friendships in Durban. And in the two short weeks I was back in Durban in December, I made some pretty sweet friends too! Hoping nothing fades, but that’s a bit of an immature desire.

Maybe, let’s hope that our friendships grow with us, as we grow. That as we walk further along our own paths, our tracks may continue to intersect 🙂

Hairdryers & Bibles

Something I thought about last night in the hotel room –there are two things all hotel rooms seem to have: A hairdryer, and a Bible. Across the globe, from my South African bed and breakfast, to the German skyliner hotel, there is a need to supply all customers with The New Testament, always in English, sometimes also in Afrikaans, German, or isiXhosa.

No Korans though, or Torahs.

I find that a little irritating.

What the heck does a hotel have to do with religion? Surely if you are religious, you will bring your own Holy Books and paraphernalia? I used to, anyway.

And on top of that, if you’re going to be a religious hotel Scripture-provider, will you at least widen your range? Among all the people who were in hotel rooms last night, I’d like to know how many of them are actually Christians.

I think if I was of any religion which was Scripture-dependent, I’d be offended that they offer a Bible as easily as a shower cap, but nowhere to be found is my holy book.


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  1. atimetorend said:

    Hotel room bibles, maybe ’cause of these guys:

    • Wow! Did not know about that. That’s kind of irritating..I can’t believe some people allowed them to distribute Bibles to fifth graders!! Gah. I can understand university students, who can think for themselves, but 11 year olds?!

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