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24 December 2009


Location: YES! Bologna, Italy.

Dress Code: Pyjamas

At 5pm on the 22nd, we finally took off from Frankfurt airport and flew to Firenze (Florence), all feeling pretty ragged from this extended trip. Airports do not have open windows, you may or may not know. I MISSED oxygen. Anyway, after we got to Florence we waited for a taxi to take us to the train station, where at about 10pm we finally caught a train to Bologna. When we finally walked into my gran’s house at about midnight, we couldn’t believe we’d made it…

Our luggage only arrived yesterday, but thank goodness nothing is missing or broken! Huzzah!

Never underestimate the worth of clean panties.

We spent yesterday just recovering from the long trip, shopped for food, and had a little stroll around the city centre. By 5pm it was dark and freezing, so we retreated back home 😛

The city centre here is really popular and populated, both by beggars and high-powered business men, housewives, school kids, preppy teens, and this one really amazing guy in purple skinny jeans and a furry purple bomber jacket. Yum… sort of.

Bologna is famous for its portici, which are arches which cover the sidewalks of most of the streets in its city centre. This means you can go walking from shop to shop in the rain or snow and you don’t get drenched.

Although the city does have some massive shopping malls (like Durban’s Pavillion), the coolest shops are usually found under these portici. I really prefer this kind of city layout, because in a mall I tend to feel shut off from the outside world, whereas walking from shop to shop allows you to be outside on the streets (bumping into lots of people, too) as well as going into different shops. You also get to encounter the street musicians, the local drunk, and other colourful characters, which I much prefer to the stale environment of an air-conditioned mall.

Tonight is Christmas Eve, and I don’t really know how that makes me feel. Some deep, meaningful journaling needs to happen, probably tomorrow, but at the moment I’m just going with the flow, avoiding any church services, and trying to not spaz every time we drive past a church.

Which is. Every. Five. Metres.

Because we’re in Italy.

Photos will follow, I’m still half dazed 😛

Happy day-you-can-spend-with-your-family-and-friends! Love 🙂

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