| Make This Motion Count |

a brief moment

It was late and

We had just said goodnight.

My mind was full with strange North African poetry I’d been studying

And bright photos I’d stolen glances at,

Photos of you.

I was posting a blog about music

And in my ears a desolate Sigur Rós song played

And I looked towards my empty bed with its thick winter duvet:

The orange light, the tiny black and red squares on the white spread, the lumps in the filling,

Made the scene all move before my eyes

It seemed for a brief moment like sea waves,

Like something was moving under there,

Like legs stretching out,

Or arms, and a chest,

Turning, to envelop another body.

There was nobody there of course.

I on my seat,

and you, so far I cannot even count all the countries separating us.

It was only a brief moment,

In which the impossible became plausible and you and me came together.

Like fiction only,

Only like fiction.

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