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Hey readers (and those of you who stumbled on my blog after googling “department of supreme wisdom” aaahahaha Blog Stats I love you!)

I’m still in Italy, things are going well, had a lovely day today, but the exciting moments have remained few and far between: mostly I stay up late to chat with the summer lover, I sleep in late because mornings offer me no entertainment, I eat, eat, and eat, and every now and then have fun times or good conversations with people here.

I have seen two great movies, been to the theatre twice, and once to a quick visit of a modern art museum. Now all of THAT was interesting, and I will blog about it soon; I’ve been busy looking up articles on the movies etc.

Apart from enjoying the time spent with family members and some friends, I have been missing home, and hurting every time I hear the same old stubborn Italian words:

“But this is your home!”

“Have you found a boyfriend of the right colour?”

“But you’re coming back to live here aren’t you?”

“You’re not South African!”

Words that alienate, that orphan,  and are swallowed by a spoonful of cake, a forkful of roast. They wallow up inside me like undigested limbs floating in my stomach juices. Just sitting there. Sitting.


Comments on: "I’m here, just busy…thinking" (2)

  1. Tell them you’re running away to Alaska with a one-legged Jewish black man. Heck, tell ’em you’re carrying his babies – 3 of ’em.

    What is WRONG with people??

    Look forward to hearing about the movies and things ^-^


    • Hahaha nice one 😛

      I think it’s hard for a lot of people here, they’ve grown up as white Eurocentric Christian-oriented people, surrounded by people exactly like that. Then suddenly in the last 10 years there’s this massive influx of Muslim Africans, for example. They don’t know how to react – it seems tolerance does not come naturally. Add to that financial and sociopolitical issues aggravated by this influx of illegal immigrants. The result is two-way racism and violence.

      Movie posts coming soon! Hoping to go see one more movie before i leave, Italians actually make really interesting movies sometimes! And no one translates them into English 😦

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