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Rereading the 2009 diary

So I’m finally back in South Africa

Happy as a bunny rabbit in a field full of grass and rabbits…

Okay, let’s stop with the analogies.. I’m currently reading through the diary I kept this past year…One fat book of numbers, homework, deadlines, events, thoughts, scribbles, tears, university opening dates, break up dates, the days of every break-in at my digs, almost every recordable fact is in here.

Here’s a thought I started my 2009 off with, on January the 15th:


is your original NOMAD™ friend,

found at an airport near you!

Comes with a free 20kg suitcase and a whole lot of languages!

Only sold in sizes XS and S, suitable for anyone with a sense of humour!

Fun for the whole family, so buy now before she flies off (again)!

* Bible, Allstars and glasses included
* Not for human consumption…Yet.

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