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So ye olde Samsung (a whole year and a half old), or as I like to call him, Pookie, has finally been sent to the cellphone hospital.

Vodacom, one of the South African service providers, was awesome enough to provide me with a completely FREE repair, due to the phone still being under its two-year-long warranty. The screen is fcuked, basically, as is the photo/video camera. Apparently this is a software problem, and has nothing to do with my butter fingers and Pookie’s innate slipperiness.

From now, until I’m back in late March, I have to use my sister’s old phone, which survived two years of her obsessive chatting on MXit. It works surprisingly well, but to type an sms I basically have to have a small hammer, some plyers and a rosary with me.

When Pookie went into a coma, on the morning of my 20th birthday, I was actually rather surprised at how well I took it. For all my hippy moments, I confess I am a materialist. At least in terms of my technology. If you steal my laptop from me, it means you have committed child kidnapping and attempted murder of its mother. Losing clothes worries me much less, but losing my tons of music, irretrievable photos, poetry and stuff just scares me…

-Hi, I’m Marty, and I’m a technophiliac.

-Hiiiiiiii Marty.

-Okay you nerds, get your hands off me, I did not say I wanted to have kinky cyber sex with your online personas.

It feels really strange, then, that I’m hardly phazed by handing over my phone to the surgeons…Of course there is a difference between handing your phone in to be fixed, and suddenly discovering some ‘sgebengu has helped himself to your phone while you were partying. But the two experiences have made me think…

Maybe – and this ties in with fighting my anxiety more this year – I need to have less material STUFF that stresses me out. Carrying an expensive cellphone around 24/7 has always stressed me out, because I know it can lead to me being mugged, plus all the consequential bullshit of a robbery… I’ve had enough of the Grahamstown Police Station, thank you.

If I had a cheap phone (I don’t mean a brick from the late 90’s, just something easily replaceable), I probably wouldn’t stress so much about losing it, having it stolen, dropping it twice a day, every day…

On re-reading this post, I don’t think I make any sense… Then again I haven’t had coffee today. But waaaait for it! Summer lovers come in handy you know…

On a side note – I really feel like this year is going to be amazing. 2009 was good, great…but challenging and spirit-crushing a lot. I really feel like this year I’m going to be aight. Screw that- MORE than just alright. Bring it on 🙂

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