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Let me go, let me go

Into a room full of people, laughing and shining like the lights that sparkle off the ceiling.

* Running towards her with arms outspread, holding that mass of life so abundant, exploding in your arms. All that you feared you could lose while you were away travelling, studying…now coming home to it.

*Turning around to him, seeing teeth and lips spread out, the walls echoing, creating a vortex of laughter which envelops you like a gentle fire. Friendship.

Into a room with only two people, who at the end of the day, are just hearts and souls covered in cotton and nylon, and a little bit of latex.

* The freedom in lying without inhibitions, without clothes. No fear, no shame. Happiness, relaxation. Deep breaths.

*The pounding heartbeats which rise out of me as I hear only his breath, as I feel only his warm skin, as I am scared of only one thing – the ticking clock on the table.

*Giving, giving all you can give without regretting. Sharing as much as is possible for you.

Let me go, let me go. My years of crying for death are long gone, my years of waiting for time to be on my side are receding too. This is my time to burst into bright light. This is our time.


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