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The nomad returns!

I am alive!
And so is my wireless internet!
It took a while, but I have finally managed to hook up my wireless to that of Wimpy’s a few blocks down the road, until I get a wireless router of my own.

The year is taking off, quickly and with muchos excitement!

I’ve moved into my two-bedroom flat, and today I made the final touches on the décor. I have a vaguely matching lounge suite, a rainbowey bedroom, and a hygienic bathroom with a shower made by gods.

It’s tiny, so I definitely can’t rehearse choreography steps in here, but the balconies with gorgeous views kinda make up for that.

I also have a functioning car, it took R3000 to make it functioning, but the point is I am now the real master gangster, and if you see me rollin, don’t be hatin.

I’ve been meeting some lovely new first years at uni, and reconnecting with my old friends, after two months of little gtalk contact. I have re-established my status as old hag of the village, apart from trying to charm mechanics and security company officers.

Speaking of which – the mechanic really did give me flowers after I found a car key which he had lost last week, and the security officer really does know my name, after a year of coming round to my old digs almost every week: he came to my new place to set up the alarm system, and I got greeted with a wonderful “Heeeey you’re that girl from (insert dodgy old address here) ”

Yes, blogworld, I’m well on my way to wild sexy times and true luff.

Has anyone bought me a cat yet?


Comments on: "The nomad returns!" (2)

  1. Your new place sounds great! Please take-a i-pitchas. Sounds like you had a good weekend 🙂
    I’m sure we’ll find a kitten around these parts soon, happens every couple of weeks or so…

    • Hey friend! Im doing well, altho fb rejects any photos i try to upload 😦 sigh. one day they’ll get online, i hope.

      keeety i want keety!

      Although. You won’t believe it. I have a hippie lover.

      More news soon when I’m not busy doing a Drama research on striptease (i’ve been looking at porn as part of my research. ready to cry.) and writing an English tutorial on the re-presentation of Afrikah as influenced by Pan-Africanizzim and Nativizzim

      Life, she is so good right now.
      Meeees you! Send me your news, spam my inbox with your tales, flood my comment box with your luff!

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