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So Grahamstown’s tap water now has some very sexy specimen of ecoli floating around in it.
Don’t ask me what ecoli is, I just know that it’s not something you want to get into your digestive system (Google ‘why diarrhoea is lame’ for more info).

So wife-wannabe Marty took a bottle of healthy water (cleared via a process of reverse osmosis, yo) to her hippie boy today, to prevent early disintegration of his organs.

We then took a walk (read: squished through a hole in a fence, and clambered down a muddy slope) to the Grahamstown dam. I’d been to Gray Dam before, which is just off the N2 leading out of Gtown, but never to our actual Gtown dam. It’s pretty pretty 😀

So…things are good. My car sometimes feels like a death trap, and I don’t know if I’m the awful driver, or if the car has brake/gear/battery/chassis issues.
Taking yet another trip to the mechanic’s on Monday, hoping it doesn’t cost another R3000 to sort out my squealing brakes and misaligned tire. Okay so I hit the curb once, big deal. I thought you could just, like, shrug it off, ya know?

Seems I have upset the balance of the universe, and zombies will rise if I don’t re-align and re-balance the wheel.

Varsity things are pretty relaxed, although I started working on a paper yesterday, which is due in a month only – lol.
I’m getting involved with Community Engagement, if I get accepted and all rolls through, I will soon be blogging about working in a pre-school in Fingo village, for an hour a week! It’s not much, but it’s a start 🙂

I had a chat to my mom tonight on Facebook, of all places, and it was all pretty good news, although my awesome cat might not be cured from cancer. Which sucks balls. That whole thing about the circle of life is rather painful, so I’m not thinking about it too much, cos I just get upset, and in the end remain helpless. At least I’ve stopped feeling so scared about heaven/hell issues. For now anyway. Religious confusion has a way of creeping back into my brain every now and then.

Tomorrow’s madness (for a Sunday) includes – pancakes with the friends of the boyfriend…meeting to organise more gigs in this town…dinner with my awesome friend Cait…phonecall with my home-lady L in Durban…probably a shneaky visit to the hippie’s abode…and of course, what we do every night (Pinkie) – TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!

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