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Disclaimer: This blog post consists 80% of cheese and 19% of heart palpitations, with a measly 1% dedicated to interesting grammar and style. If you wanted something more substantial, you should’ve read the Mail & Guardian.

And so, my fellow reader(s), single bed action wins the night, finally.

Semi-chastity has been cast out the window, into the darkness where there is the gnashing of teeth of poor celibate people.

It started out with a hey, I’m stressed, you’re stressed, let’s hang out, although I very casually suggested that sleeping over was a possibility not to be overlooked…

And next thing you know the lounge is bombarded with clothing.

This morning, with deep moral conscience, we attempted to save water by showering communally.

I couldn’t stop laughing, then choking on the water, but it was pretty cute. I’d never showered with somebody before. Well, yknow, except when I was five and my relatives shoved me and all my cousins into one big bathtub. But, er, in case you didn’t catch my drift, last night was, er, rather different from that.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, nudity is incredibly liberating.

I truly apologise to any neighbours who may have found my liberation to be their oppression.

Believe it, because it’s true – this started out a month ago. Life’s not easy or straightforward, but I really have a lot of hope in this mushy cute happy thing, which I can actually call a relationship (no, friends, it wasn’t just a water-saving scheme).

So, to summarise my thesis, that was a pretty great night 🙂

Time to prepare my contemporary performance audition (a piece exploring my time with Christianity) and my English essay (deconstructing and reconstructing notions of Africa as a colonial conceptual entity based on binary oppositions, in modern African poetry)


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