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My hippy boy and I went to Ruanthai restaurant last night
It was a long week and we were both pretty tired and caught up in academic discourse about the Third Reich and striptease (he the former, I the latter, of course).

We’d never been to this place, although we’ve often driven past its colourful board.

Like a lot of other restaurants in Grahamstown, it turns out Ruanthai is in an old house! There’s a cute little entrance with a low ceiling which probably isn’t built according to basic laws of architecture, but hey.

The garden and lounge have been converted into eating areas with little wooden tables and chairs, colourful serviettes poking out of wine glasses, and multicoloured menus tied with string.

The Thai chef sits in an armchair in the entrance, still wearing his apron, and reads a newspaper.
Our waiter is a fellow Rhodent, dressed in a shirt from Jay-Jays.
An older bald, friendly Grahamstonian stands behind the till…
We’re the only ones there.
The food was really great, not that I’m an expert in Thai food and culture, but we were presented with a green chicken curry and a vegetable pad thai that left us purring and patting our tummies.

I think I’ll definitely be going back!


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