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Rescue Me

As I jam to Fontella Bass, and my blog skyrockets to more than 3 views a day, let me warn ye all, THAT IT IS VERY VERY NEARLY HOLIDAY TIME!!!

I had my last lecture of the term today, I have been packing, I have done close to 10kg’s of laundry, yes, I am singlehandedly responsible for the water shortage in Gtown, I have left a little bit of my tyre on the meter in the parking lot, and I will be partying it up toniiiight!

As much as I was settling in and enjoying running around full of purpose and meals cooked in five minutes, I could do with a little break in iTheku. (read: getting high at Splashy Fen music festival and hippie camping glory weekend)

My own hippie sweet boy of awesomeness who makes me so so happy will be away from me for a whole two weeks, which means I am preparing myself mentally for writing lots of nauseatingly sweet text messages

oh my sweet sweetaloo

i saw a sock and thought of you

because the sock was empty and rather stinky without a foot in it

and that’s kinda how i feel without you innit?

Except I won’t be like a sock, because I will be partying me tits off at Splashy!!!!

I probably will be stinky though, seeing as to shower costs R50.

My exema/ death rash has been getting worse, if I don’t blog for a while, it means Rhodes has cast me out as a leper. Just send me happy juju vibes. Gonna visit the homeopath while i’m home and see if I can get some healing leaves and cow dung for this thing. This exema is so not working with my “I’m a healthy human being who doesn’t flake like a snake” look. At least my hippie boy doesn’t mind.

In other news, I don’t have an essay to write now, so I’m gonna be chilling with my homie Cait, we will be cookin up in herrre, and I will spam the interwebz about our new food blog!! I am so excited.


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  1. I got married 24 years ago, and shortly there after, my hands and feet blistered up, dried up, cracked up and bled, causing me the most torterous period of my life. It got so bad that I could barely use my hands, and walking became painful. After 2-3 weeks, they would heal up, but 2-3 days later, it would start all over again. This would repeat for 24 years. I of course, visited a dozen doctors, none of which could offer explanations or cure, just ineffective treatments with topical oinments, etc. Well, my wife drank diet Pepsi, and I started drinking it too, as soon as we married. 6 months ago, I decided that the diet drinks with the artificial sweetner aspertame might be the cause, so I quit all foods and drinks that contained this chemical, and lo and behold, my exema completely disappeared!! So, it is clear to me that I was alergic to this chemical, and hope that this will help some of you to find a crue, not just treatment, of this tormenting disease.

    • Hi Eddie, shew, Im glad you found a cure for that! I think excema affects a lot of people differently…i don’t seem to be having an allergic reaction, cos i’ve also cut out chemicals, soaps and dodgy foods and drinks. I think it’s more likely that mine is a psychosomatic manifestation.. it has been decreasing tho, hardly got any left on my hands!

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