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Spam quote of the day:

*cue trumpet toots*

“Opulently I acquiesce in but I dream the brief should acquire more info then it has”

Opulently, sir, I think your brain should be set on fire. Stop spamming my blog, foo’.

Happy holidays people! (I mean lazy university kids who were farting around in term time anyway)

I am in Durban, I have survived a fandamily reunion with over a dozen people, none near my age, and I miraculously did have good conversations! About colonialism, literature and racism!

Highlight of day: Angsty teenager son of family friend enters with his trademark sulk, trademark iPod plugged into his ears, and as he trademark shuffles past me, I notice the latest addition to his look. Six spiked bracelets, black and symmetrical, with spikes long enough to deflate my boobs should I stand too close to him.

I nearly peed myself with laughter.

Apparently he’s got himself a girlfriend, about which all the mothers were cackling about with much curiosity. Poor girl.


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