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A rant I nearly smsed to someone dear to me, but didn’t, because it would have just dampened his night, and anyway, my words make no difference sometimes.

Surrounded by alcohol and violence, talk of alcohol and violence, violence caused by alcohol, and alcohol to cope with the violence, Marty went home.

To her silent bed, sober, and (as) safe (as a short girl can be in this country).

I hate that I even have to say this, but thank you for being responsible.

For having the balls to deal with life instead of drowning it in booze.

And for respecting the people around you,  including me.

It’s a fucking pity you’re a rarity.

Rant now over.

Sleep well, and know you mean a lot to me.

That was written a few weeks ago. I still feel the same. And now I’m off to dance to great music, and smoke some happy herbs – not to escape life, but to enjoy it more, knowing full well that I will never get myself into a situation where I am abusing other people in any way.

Live and let live, people. Which does not mean alcohol should be illegal, it means you should calm down a tad, so we have less people queuing up at the hospitals every freaking day and night, because “I was drunk bru it just happened bru I didn’t mean it”.

I really hope drunkenness goes out of fashion one day.


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