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My fellow blog readers, I have sad news for all four of you: you may have to get a life over the next five days, and read something else.

I am going to Splashy Fen Music Festival!!
To camp in unhygienic conditions, to dance to wild “local is lekker” music, to eat tinned food, to wear dirty gumboots and a lumberjack shirt, to hang out with a huge bunch of my Dehben mates, and to get out and away from technology and city life.

No laptop, no recorded music, no interwebz, hardly any cellphone use, no car keys, no bank card, no easily-accessible-and-free shower!

SUPER amped. I’ve been home for a few days and I’m already tired of being treated like a vegetable-brained five year old. Time for a real holiday, far from English essays and gig management and parents who still think you can’t drive/breathe/walk without their infallible wisdom.

Also time to get away from people who phone and email me non-stop, when I am, after all, on leave.

Bring me my tenty things!!
Will be spamming y’all when I’m back with wonderful stories, and photos from my friend Lisa’s camera!

in other wunderbar news, the hippie boy is still my hippie boy, and he is sitting up in Joburg playing his guitar while chatting to his grandma. I speak about him on average every 2.4 minutes, and soon someone will stab me with a tent pole if I don’t stop rambling about my sweet honeybunch…


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