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Well-thumbed books everywhere

The litany begins:

The First Bushman’s Path

The Toxic Mix

Drama as Therapy

African Theatre Youth


Routledge Intensive Italian Course and

On and on and on

And this right here

This is the room of one of South Africa’s top 20% of learners

The Toxic Mix makes me sick – a past of segregation and a present of incompetence is creating generations of morons

Which I call my peers, my leaders and my followers

The only reason I’m not one of these incompetent, semi-literate hopeless people is that I had the luck to be born in Europe, in Italy, to parents in the middle-upper class.

And after spending three hours investigating a Nigerian play which echoes the cries heard in South Africa in the 1960s, yet still today…

I am now staring at my neat bulleted list.

This research aims to:




And conclusively,


What is the point of drama, what is the point of education, hence, what is the point of my life, if the above two entities have no meaning, what the fuck am I doing here? What the fuck am I spending four years doing? What the fuck am I dedicating my life to?

You should not teach if you do not have the passion.

That’s a quote, and common sense.

What if you have all the passion,

And you start to suspect you may be genuinely, sincerely convinced, about the wrong thing?


Comments on: "Rant of a tertiary education student and teacher-to-be" (3)

  1. Maybe that is exactly what you should argue in your research…if you feel it that strongly, and more importantly, if you remember to keep an open mind, that passion and that drive will lead you to the proper conclusion.

    Truth doesn’t spring on people unawares…usually it’s more like following a trail of bread crumbs. So: follow the trail, wherever it goes, and have faith that you will end up right where you are meant to be.

    • Indeed my research has taken on that provisional title 😛 “What is the point of my life?”

      I think im gonna be learning a lot soon, when I sit with some teachers who are currently teaching drama in this city. There’s so much to ask and discuss!!

      Btw, I love your last post (pick at the stitches)!

  2. aww thanks 🙂 it’s nice to know somebody’s reading…

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