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Okay! So!

Life is rather insane.

My sense of humour is returning!

The Directing 3 pieces are on in like 8 days

I can’t park for shit, I’m so sorry Gtown. Horizontal and vertical are just interchangeable words anyway. It’s all relative.

I got an email from Grocott’s Mail about writing for their online edition!? For those of you that don’t know, Gtown actually has its own newspaper, yo. Told you we’re a real city. But yes, so, uh, my ego just usplodeded!!  Queen of supreme wisdom and eternal singlesolichude may soon be a real-deal journo or something like that. I don’t know, my eyes pretty much popped out after reading the word “Grocott’s”. So in all honesty the dude could have been asking for a naked pic of me, I didn’t quite absorb the details.

Oh and last random info you’ve been dying to know, hippie face seems to have vanished from my life, except that one day last week when it was pouring and I walked past him, and I suddenly discovered that I can fold myself concertina-style, sink into a puddle, and disappear beneath my umbrella. All in the space of a few seconds. While he walked obliviously past. I am the queen of sulking secrecy. I will not speak with you. You will not make the eye contact with mine eyes. Existentially-troubled kid. Pah. I look not upon you.

Well, now that I can laugh at myself in the mirror once more, it’s time to carry on blogging, in the random bits of free time I have, in between reversing into walls and running around the Drama Dept with my arms flapping and my pants falling down. In all this freaking drama of the term, I have lost weight, as if I wasn’t underweight already, and now my skinnies look like bellbottoms. So hawt.


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